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Why You Should do Spring AC Maintenance

If you’ve felt that your air conditioning system has been performing poorly in recent years, you may be thinking about the need for an upgrade. If your budget isn’t ready for the cost of a new system, though, you may be dreading the thought of another uncomfortable summer in your home. AC maintenance may provide all the relief you need, and a simple Spring A/C maintenance could dramatically improve your summer home environment.

What Is AC Maintenance?

Maintenance for your air conditioning system is a basic service. A&M certified technicians examine the components of your system to check for damage or wear. We make adjustments where needed. Tightening loose parts, lubricating bearings and cleaning as necessary, we improve your system’s performance.

Refrigerant levels are checked and recharged appropriately. Did you know that low refrigerant levels can cause your air conditioner to cool inefficiently? You may try to adjust by changing your thermostat settings, but this probably doesn’t solve the problem. Your compressor ends up working longer and harder, and your electric bill skyrockets. An A&M technician can make the necessary adjustment easily, saving your system and your pocketbook.

Your coils can also lead to poor cooling. Dirty coils can restrict airflow, causing your compressor to work harder. Poor delivery of cool air throughout the house affects your response. You may change your settings but achieve little improvement.

Ducts are notorious for causing cooling problems. Leaky ducts can allow cooled air to escape through spaces. The pressure as air is delivered to various rooms is less than ideal, and your home environment isn’t cooled adequately. Ducts can account for up to 40 percent energy loss, equating to higher bills. During AC maintenance, A&M technicians inspect your ducts. If leaks are noted, we will bring them to your attention and recommend sealing services. We will also inform you of any issues with dirt or mold in the ducts so that you can consider duct replacement.

When Should AC Maintenance Be Performed?

We suggest a spring service for an air conditioner, and we recommend spring and fall service for a heat pump. (Pre-season) service ensures that problems are pinpointed and corrected before hot weather arrives. If you are just learning about our maintenance service during summer months, you can still have a maintenance performed. A system that is performing poorly can often be improved through this optimization process.

Air Quality Concerns

There are some related issues that may be discussed during your maintenance. If you have concerns about air quality, for example, A&M technicians can provide a number of solutions based on the concern. Mold in your coils can be a concern for health reasons, and a UV lamp may be suggested as a way to kill mold and bacteria in this area. You can also discuss filtration concerns with your technician. We can provide you with information about the most efficient filter choices. We can also introduce you to a variety of air cleaners for more intense filtration. Contact us today at A&M Heating and Air Conditioning to set up your maintenance service. And if you LIKE our Facebook page you can receive your added discount!

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