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Service Call of the week

Service call of the week!

A customer had their local gas utility company out because they were smelling gas in their kitchen. The utility company confirmed their was gas leaking from somewhere into their kitchen and recommended they call a plumber out to locate a repair the issue. If you can believe it the utility company did NOT shut off their gas!!!!

Customer calls us being their HVAC contractor and asks if we could assist with the issue, Of Course we Can!
On arrival I was expecting to find perhaps a loose gas fitting at the oven however customer points to the wall light switch and says the smell is coming from there… Where? The switch!! Sure enough I smelled the light switch and sure enough was gas!!! They even said the utility company smelt it too!!! What!!!! Lets not turn on this light huh….
How is this possible?? After investigating every scenario in the attic and in the basement I found nothing, grrr. I decided to give one more shot, I managed to crawl completely under the sub floor (18 inches of clearance) not a easy task especially for me however once I made it to the area of where the above wall would be I found an old abandoned radiant floor heater sitting in the dirt with a live gas line coming up underground supplying it. Keep in mind this is a vintage home which obviously had this type of floor heating at one point. This unit whenever prior to the current owner purchasing the home was abandoned and floored over however the standing gas was never shut off or capped off!! Crawling through I ended up finding 3 more additional abandoned units, luckily the gas lines for them were abandoned as well…
A&M got the mystery gas leak solved and are so glad that we were able to assist before a terrible catastrophe occurred,
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Adam C 

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