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A&M energy saving tip of the day:

Does you refrigerator or stand alone freezer ever seem like it’s not staying cool enough or perhaps running longer or more loudly? Air conditioning and refrigeration are relative therefore refrigeration needs routine maintenance as well. Most importantly your compressor and heat disbursement coil box. It is inevitable that this area will collect dust and debris and of course anything hidden can be forgotten about. This lack of maintenance can not only shorten the life span but will also cause the appliances to work harder therefore pull more electricity. Simply pull back your refrigerator or freezer cabinet and vacuum the entire area. For the advanced do it yourselfers you can remove the grates to your compressor box (front and Back) and vacuum out the coil itself. As always A&M is available for service calls if the task is more than one can handle.
Take advantage of these steps, your appliances as well as your pocket book will thank you!😉
Adam C

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