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Why you should have and maintain rain gutters

Although the thought of getting the gutters cleaned out again can be a daunting one, there is good reason for it. A clogged gutter can cause more damage than most home owners realize. This damage can lead to much costlier home repairs, and just a real headache. Here are three ways an overflowing gutter can lead to damage:

1. Foundation Damage
When water begins to overflow from a clogged gutter it not only becomes a challenge to get in the front door without being soaked, but it can cause actual foundation damage. The water that escapes the gutter eventually begins to pool up against a home’s foundation (defeating the very problem a gutter was created to solve), which can lead to cracks forming, and possibly to a foundation collapse, a very costly problem to fix. However even if the foundation never collapses the cracks can also become a place for mold to flourish.

2. Curb Appeal
After you have worked so hard all year to keep your yard and general curb appeal in tip top shape, having a few leaves clog your gutters and destroy it is a huge disappointment. The muddy overflow can pour over flower beds, bushes and driveways creating an even muddier problem the longer it goes on.

3. Damaged wood exterior
The boards that hold gutters are often made from wood. This wood can be damaged if a gutter is clogged and begins to fill with water. A homes wood siding can also be at risk when water continually flows down the sides of the home.

Don’t let your gutters be “out of sight, out of mind” and cause your home major damage. At A&M we get the job done right the first time and you will be worry free this rainy season👍

Adam C

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